October 12, 2011

Morgan Gets New Look at Red River Rivalry

Already there have been a considerable amount of prospects from the Lone Star State that have taken notice, and publicly discussed, the Sooners 55-17 win over Texas last Saturday. Most were players that came into the game with no preconceived notions about where they would play their college football, no rooting interest, and a general indifference to who added to the total in their win column.

While Plano (Texas) Prestonwood Christian Academy junior tight end Christian Morgan may have arrived at the Cotton Bowl with an open-mind about the recruiting process it was probably the first time he took in Oklahoma-Texas without said rooting interests.

"I grew up, my family was big Longhorn fans, my mom and both my uncles went to Texas, so they've been bringing me to the game since I was little. They are not as big as Longhorn fans since I started going through recruiting, they were upset at first that I was so interested in Oklahoma. But it's a different perspective once you are being recruited, they are more open to places," Morgan said.

Though Morgan was adamant that he was simply taking the game in as an observer he admitted that the personal relationships that recruiting creates aren't easily forgotten. However, it's not just about his feelings about what school he might someday play for but also just how close the future is becoming.

"It was a different perspective this year. I mean knowing those guys, being at the Oklahoma practices, and knowing those guys - I felt closer to me reaching my dream. Just being down there and being one of the players, it felt closer to becoming true," he said.

In fact Morgan had an invitation from Texas but elected to sit with his family and take in the game in familiar company. Though his surroundings were familiar to the star tight end his eyes were focused than usual.

"Actually, I didn't even go with tickets form Texas - I went with my family, I just kind of wanted to go like that. I did see a few of the reporter guys, but other than that it was a pretty normal experience for me," he said.

"For sure, last season and this season, but this year it's interesting to see Texas and Oklahoma, for example, just how different offenses use their tight ends. Both those programs, it works, I like the way both of them use their guys."

So what's it been like to go through the recruiting process with a team you've followed since childhood?

"It's different, I would say with the recruiting process it took the childhood favorite thing kind of away from me. The environment is the fun part, that's the fun, kind of the game within itself, I pay more attention to how I would fit in and how I would play," he said.

Oklahoma is a school that Morgan has been up to repeatedly but he is anxious to have a look at the Sooners when they hit the field for a home game. And the chance to renew his relationship with offensive tackles/tight ends coach Bruce Kittle.

"I'll be up at Oklahoma for the Texas Tech game and I'm looking forward to catching up with coach (Josh) Heupel and coach Kittle," he said. "It'll be my fourth time up there but it will be my first for a game.

"Coach Kittle is the first coach that I've gotten to know, I've talked to him a lot, I got to go to camp and see how he interacts with the players. I've had a chance to watch practice and I feel like he is a lot of fun, you can joke around with him but he is serious as well.

"I feel like I met his son at camp, and he was working out with us, he knows where we are at and we know where he is at and he can relate to us and stuff like that."

Morgan who has already been to A&M and several other places says he has plans to visit Auburn in the coming weeks. Interestingly, now that the Aggies and Tigers are going to be SEC West rivals. So much is discussed in the world of football recruiting about the impact of recruiting, so what does Morgan think of that situation and how it will effect his recruiting?

"Oh yeah, for sure, the guys I talk to and the guys I talk to about it, it's almost concerning sometimes. Sometimes it's like what the heck is going on, growing up you grew up in the Big 12, most of the guys like OU, Texas, A&M, so it's weird that's not all there," he said. "The example of TCU going out to the Big East, whoa, you know. My idea growing up isn't going to play at UConn, that's what's weird about all of it.

"Now with, the SEC with A&M, I'm all for it. I think the SEC, PAC-12, and Big 12, those are all good by me. Those would be great destinations."

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