November 21, 2011

Title excites recruits

Coach Mark Richt had said earlier in the week that he didn't care by how much they won, so long as when the clock struck zero, they were at least one point ahead. On Saturday, Georgia secured the 19-10 victory over Kentucky and locked up the SEC East title for the first time since 2005, launching them into an SEC Championship game right back where their season began a few months ago.

With the news that the Dawgs would be back playing in the Dome in December, recruits - committed and uncommitted alike - all reacted to the news with excitement and praise.

Bulldog commits all responded with elation that their team was championship bound, and expressed their excitement to be a part of the team soon.

"I'm so excited that I can be proud of my future team and am stoked about being there in a couple of months" Marshall Morgan said, the future kicker and an early enrollee.

Blake Tibbs, who has been putting up impressive performances himself, was also pumped, jointly celebrating the title and stating, "We are the best! There is more coming when I get to Athens."

The Jenkins County duo of James Deloach and Jonathan Taylor have been 100 percent behind the Bulldogs since the beginning, and accordingly, they shared in the celebrations.

"That's what's up! I'm proud of them boys and can't wait to get up there with them. I want to go see them play," Deloach said.

"It's the best. We are going to the Dome!" Taylor added.

Running back commit (2013) Derrick Henry emphatically seconded Taylor, simply texting back, "Atlanta bound!!!"

UGA commit Tray Matthews, who was in attendance for the game, tweeted out "Mark Richt was goin' crazy in the locker room. And they said he wasn't emotional. He was wildin (sic)! Glad I got to witness it."

Quayvon Hicks wasn't impressed with the fashion the Dawgs won it, and pointed out more work needs to be done if their end goal of being conference champs wants to be fully realized.

"It wasn't surprising. Not a good game but a win is a win. They fought through the adversity and finished the drill. They have a lot of work and preparing to do for the SEC Championship," Hicks said.

John Atkins echoed Hicks' sentiments regarding how the Dawgs were able to fight back from being down both in the season and in the game.

"Its good that they came back the way they did and won the East," Atkins said.

Colin Barber expressed what this meant for targets looking at different programs and getting ready to make their decisions soon.

"It's definitely going to help with recruiting and all that stuff since they are doing so well. They definitely deserve it," Barber said.

Some of those uncommitted recruits include 2013 offensive linemen offers, Brandon Kublanow and DeVondre Seymour.

Seymour said "It was pretty exciting," and Kublanow went on to add, "I think it's awesome. They're the best I've seen for UGA in awhile and I think they can beat anyone at this point."

Keyante Green, a 2013 running back with a UGA offer, who has expressed his high interest in the Dawgs, said "Its exciting to see them in the championship game. They haven't one that in a long time. I'm proud of their work."

Shaq Wiggins laid it out plainly for anyone asking what it meant for recruits looking at joining the program: "Its great for the state of Georgia and makes you think about being a part of the Georgia family."

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