February 27, 2012

From the film room: Kyle Bosch

Four-star offensive lineman Kyle Bosch was the first recruit to drop for Michigan during the Feb. 18 recruiting boon. The 6-5, 285-pounder from Wheaton, Ill., is evaluated here by our expert analyst ...

Our anonymous evaluator was an All-Big Ten first-team performer at Michigan during his career.

Strengths: Bosch is an athletic player for his 6-5, 285-pound body. He comes off the ball quickly and runs well in open space. He plays with a high level of aggression and does well to position himself for knockout blows on linebackers. He shows good lateral mobility when he attacks the second level.

Perhaps his best strength is his ability to not slow down on impact, and yet he stays under control with good pressure on the defender. He does not slow his feet or hesitate with his hands when he engages his opponent. Most importantly, he is on the attack on every play and looks to finish his block by planting his opponent into the turf.

Areas of Improvement: Bosch's size and strength vs. his high school competition allows him to play too high and still dominate the defender. Playing too high at the high school level is common and Bosch is no exception. It is encouraging to see him finish blocks and work through his opponent in spite of his high blocking position on some plays. He will also need to improve his starting footwork as he shows a couple cross over steps that will get him in trouble against good defensive linemen.

College Projection: Guard or Center.

Michigan Player Comparison - David Baas (Guard/Center 2000-04): Baas was a consistent player on the interior of the Michigan offensive line. He played left guard and center and elevated his performance to become an All-American and the Rimington Award winner (nation's top center) as a senior in 2004. He was also a second-round pick in the 2005 NFL draft and was the starting center on this year's New York Giants Super Bowl championship team.

The Bottom Line: Bosch has all the tools to fulfill the lofty expectations that Michigan has for its offensive linemen. He has the size and athleticism to play multiple positions. He plays with his eyes up and has good awareness for blocking angles and points of attack. He has another high school season and will need to continue to polish his skills.

The Michigan coaching staff is bringing in players like Bosch because they expect the offensive line to carry the team. Bosch has the measurables that are needed to succeed in the Big Ten. The most important asset he will bring to Michigan is his desire to play nasty. There are plenty of big kids playing football but not all of them are willing to combine their size with a nasty aggression to torture their opponent. He must continue to play with a mission to put his opponent on the ground on every snap.

Michigan fans will enjoy watching Bosch develop into a dominant lineman.

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