April 2, 2012

Samples' ankle is fine

When news broke March 24 that Dallas Skyline receiver and Texas Tech target Ra'Shaad Samples,a Rivals250 prospect, had injured his ankle while participating in the Arlington, Texas, Elite 11 camp the recruiting world freaked out.

Fortunately the news regarding Samples' ankle wasn't nearly as bad as first anticipated. There's some damage to the ankle, but it's just a week-to-week deal.

"I jumped up in the air for a ball at the camp that was out of reach and a guy horse collared me," Samples said. "I should have landed on my butt and I tried to put my foot down and it jammed. It's just a small fracture in my non-weight-bearing bone. The bone I fractured, you can't put any weight on it so you can't really damage it anymore."

But before learning about the seriousness of the injury the recruiting world could just hold its breath.

"Coaches from schools just called me and made sure I was OK, they wanted to see what my injury was," Samples said. "They just wanted to talk to me. There wasn't anything dramatic at all that happened so we weren't dramatic when we talked."

On the subject of recruiting USC, Tech and Texas were in Samples first breath and he cited good relationships with each coaching staff. The 6-foot, 170-pounder was invited to Texas' spring game Sunday and planned to go but had to cancel for a doctor's appointment related to the ankle injury.

"Those three have really been it lately," Samples said. "Texas A&M and Baylor a little. I've been keeping up with the whole recruiting process but have really had the most contact with Texas, USC and Tech lately. I haven't gotten to a point to have a top five or anything like that though, not at all."

For Tech fans, Samples name is going hand-in-hand with Skyline quarterback Devante Kincade these days. Kincade surprised many people when he won the Arlington Elite 11 camp and he will advance to a national round in California this summer.

Kincade has interest in the Red Raiders and Tech has a lot of interest in Kincade, but the Skyline quarterback has not received an offer.

According to Samples, Kincade is being patient and understands it's a process.

"I don't think he's becoming frustrated," Samples said. "I think he knows that they have to see his talent for themselves and then make the decision. They can't make that decision until they see him. I don't really think they've seen what he can do and the strengths he's come out with recently. I don't think he's frustrated. I think he knows it's a process."

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