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Football Scholarship Grid

Bold indicates a projected starter.

Italics indicates a walk-on.

Players who are injured who are expected to receive a medical hardship waiver are listed in the class they'll graduate with, assuming they receive the medical hardship waiver. This class will likely differ from Gophersports' official roster because the player has not yet received the harship waiver.

Eligibility Tracker
2019 - Seniors 2020 - Juniors 2021 - Sophomores 2022 - Freshman Incoming Players


Z. Annexstad

T. Morgan (RS)

S. Pickerign (RS)

J. Santaga (RS)

J. Clark

C. Kramer


S. Brooks

R. Smith

M. Ibrahim (RS)

B. Williams

N. Edmonds

T. Potts

C. Wiley


T. Johnson

S. Green (RS)

R. Grimes (RS)

C. Geary (RS)

T. Thompson (RS)

R. Bateman

C. Bell (RS)

D. Douglas (RS)

B. Annexstad

H. Van Dyne (RS)

E. Gibson

J. Manns

N. Adim-Madumere

M. Brown-Stephens

P. Udoibok

J. Mann


B. Witham (RS)

K. Kieft (RS)

N. Bursch (RS)

J. McNeil

J. Paulson (RS)

C. Witherspoon (RS)

B. Spann-Ford


T - J. Dickson

G/C - C. Olson (RS)

G - B. Davis (RS)

T - S. Schlueter (RS)

C - JM. Schmitz (RS)

G - B. Andries (RS)

T - D. Fa'alele

T - K. Sassack (RS)

G - A. Ruschmeyer (RS)

C - N. Boe

G - A. Beier

G - C. Dunlap

T - J. York

T - T. Cooper

T - JJ Guedet


W. DeLattiboudere (RS)

T. Devers

B. Mafe (RS)

E. Otomewo (RS)

M. Ahanotu(RS)

T. Guthrie (RS)

A. Okonji(RS)

A. Reigelsperger(RS)

M. Roane(RS)

MJ Anderson

D. Harris

A. Witt


S. Renner

M. Dew-Treadway

K. Schad (JUCO)

C. Novak Goar (RS)

N. Hickcox (RS)

M. Robinson (RS)

J. Teague

J. Kern (RS)

D. Griffin

L. Richter

R. Cheney


C. Coughlin

T. Barber

K. Martin

B. Schoenfelder (RS)

T. Guthrie

B. Rush

M. Sori-Marin

D. Anderson (RS)

J. Russell (RS)

T. Barron

B. Oliver(RS)

J. Russell

J. Gordon

J. Williamson

D. Willis

J. Aune(RS)


C. Williamson (RS)

C. Durr (RS)

K. Thomas (RS)

J. Harris

K. Clemmons

P. Howard(RS)

B. McDonald (RS)

T. Smith

CJ Smith

S. Brown

T. Nubin


C. Swenson (RS)

A. Winfield (RS)

B. Sapp III

J. Howden

G. Owens (RS)

A. Strazzanti (RS)

C. Fey

N. McCabe


J. Mack (RS)

G. Ryerse (RS)

B. Walker

M. Lantz


J. Herbers (RS)

A. Melvin(RS)

T. Foley


C. O'Brien (RS)

B. Weeks

M. Vojvodich